Sunday, September 05, 2010

Nursery Dilemma

2 issues.

First issue: Do I be honest and tell the teachers that NS really isn't toilet trained and risk them telling me they won't accept him?

Second issue: Looking at the calendar, I can either send him starting Sept. 12th, right after Rosh Hashana. He'd then have 5 days of school, be off Friday, Sept. 17th since Yom Kippur starts and then he'll go to school Sept. 19th - 21st. and then he's off until October 3rd because of Sukkot.

So that means my non-toilet trained son will have a grand total of 8 days in nursery.

Or do I keep him home until after all the holidays and hope that in that time either he'll become completely toilet trained or at least a lot better at it....


Hannah said...

I think you should tell. They'll find out soon enough. And in general, they are pretty tolerant, they think gan is important. In the worst case scenario, you'll keep him home until after the chagim.
If he feels pressure from you, it can be counterproductive.
Shanah tovah!

Batya said...

My grandson, almost three, is still not as "trained" as the girls were at his age. From what I understand it's not rare. Talk to the staff and send changes. It may be that once he see the other kids he'll be better at it.
Shannah tova!

Batya said...

nu, what did you do?

Pesky Settler said...

I sent him after Sukkot and spoke with the teachers.

He goes in a pull-up and they call me if I have to change a smelly one.

Since he's been there, he's sat on the toilet there ONCE.

Batya said...

Is that "once" an improvement? Peer pressure may the be best way.