Sunday, September 05, 2010

Been a while

Been busy.

I did the smart thing and started cooking and freezing for Rosh Hashana last week.

August 15th I went to the Misrad haChinuch (Board of Ed) to finally sign my 3 year old up for nursery. I was told that all the dati (religious) gannim (preschools) were full and why did I wait so long to register him. I was told I should either put him in the secular gan (which is right across the street from us) or wait until after the holidays and usually spots open up.

First of all, it's not really your business. Pretend I just moved here.

Second of all... it is my legal right to send my kid to public gan and the Mishrad haChinuch is obligated to accommodate me.

Third... I don't want to send my child to the secular gan, even though it's so much more convenient to me than the religious ones. While I have no problem with my son having secular friends, I think the Kashrut issue would be too much of a problem in the Gan. YOU try telling a 3 year old not to eat someone else's sandwich or pre-cut apple.

Thursday night (school started Wednesday), hubby and I were eating at one of the local restaurants and one of the nursery teachers who also Davens at the same shul asked what we were doing with our 3 year old. I told her I'd been told there was no room and she said that was baloney. At least 3 spots were open in the nursery I wanted to send the 3 year old to and another 3 spots opened in the other nursery.

So today, once the 1 1/2 year old wakes from his nap, we'll go to the Misrad haChinuch and get him into nursery.

When I was first told about the no room in Gan problem, I contacted two people responsible for getting people to move to Ariel.... the problem isn't just about finding one spot for my son, but for spots for future residents. The sooner they get the problem fixed, the better off everyone is.

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