Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Sukkah Project

Last year, we started the Family Sukkah Project (that's a link, BTW) thanks to some ideas posted on other blogs.

This year, the boys were a lot more cooperative and thanks to the arrival of a son in law this summer, we've grown a hand!

Now I understand

I finally 'get' the allure of crispy, fried cured meats.... Yesterday I was frying up 'pepper salami' (salami with whole peppercorns in it) for my potato knishes and I found myself unable to stop eating the hot, crisp, greasy morsels...

I really had to restrain myself because I was running out. I may go and buy more just to fry... ooooh... LUNCH!

I still can't stand the smell of cooking bacon... oh, where does a nice FFB girl get that from? That would be being on a fishing 'party' boats from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn with my dad by 6 a.m. A mate would be in the galley filling breakfast orders. The whole place would stink of cooking bacon, fish, diesel and salt water. It wasn't bad in the summer because I could sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. But in the winter (our last trip was usually on Thanksgiving), I'd sit at the stern, letting the galley protect me from the worst of the wind and spray, but it was still pretty darn cold. And sometimes raining. I seem to remember snow a time or two.