Monday, July 19, 2010

Army/Sherut Leumi Guide for Parents

Please pass this along.

The Givat Sharett Chesed Committee of Beit Shemesh is distributing for FREE its “Serving Our Nation” Army Preparation Guide for those young men and women preparing for the army and FOR THEIR PARENTS!

The Guide, in Hebrew and English, provides detailed information and tips regarding the process itself and items to acquire in advance of serving. It is a MUST READ particularly for PARENTS of future army participants.

The Guide is the second in the “Serving Our Nation” series of preparation guides. The first guide, the “Sherut Leumi Preparation Guide”, is also available for FREE in English and Hebrew. The guide contains a wealth of information for the young men and women preparing for sherut leumi service. .

Please contact Susan Barth 054-7294-964 or write
to request either or both Serving Our Nation preparation guides.