Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The view

There's a method of photography called tilt-shift, where the photograph of a wide view (usually a city- or landscape) is made to look like it's actually a photograph of a miniature model. The process went from needing to use a specific type of camera, to needing a specific type of lens, to today, where thanks to digital photography, the effect can be 'faked' in photo editing programs.

A couple weeks ago, the theme for 52 Frames was "Focus" and I took the opportunity to try my hand at the photo editing process for tilt-shift. The view is taken on a pedestrian walkway in Petach Tikvah near Beilenson Hospital and it's looking towards Tel Aviv. (Click on it to get a better view).

Another 52 Frames post

I need to be better about posting the photos each week.

Theme was "Home".

Theme was "Furniture".

Theme was "Abstract".