Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Things to do

For the second November in a row, my father in law will be visiting us.

Unlike last year, our toddler's comprehension about The World Around Him is much better and it justifies spending some money on seeing and going and doing. (He'll be 2 1/2 come November).

The zoo... which is better? The Safari Park/Zoological Center in Ramat Gan or the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem? (And yes, we'll have a car).

The aquarium... is there even another aquarium in Israel other than the one in Eilat?

What other suggestions do folks have? Needs to be suitable for a 2 1/2 year old and I prefer hands-on type stuff...

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mother in israel said...

Other than the zoo, skip the expensive attractions unless your father-in-law likes them. Go to the beach, the forest, walk on the walls of the Old City, the shuk, the tayelet. Your son will enjoy the different sights and sounds and be able to climb and touch things. The Science Museum is loud and he's probably too young. For rainy days you'll have to come up with other ideas. The "Osef Tzahal" museum in Yaffo is kid-friendly, tanks and other army equipment. Holon, I think, has a transportation museum.