Monday, March 09, 2009

Spirituality in the 9th month

There is a Segulah (an action that is reputed to lead to a change in one’s fortunes/luck/circumstances, etc) in some communities for a woman in her ninth month to immerse in the Mikvah (ritual bath) for an easy, safe, fast, etc. labor and delivery. I self-define as MO so going to the Mikvah in the 9th month certainly isn't something that is regularly done. But I'm also not the type to let 'what others think' stop me from doing something I feel is important.

There is also a lesser known Segulah that if a woman immerses after a woman in her ninth month, she has a 'better' chance of conceiving that month.

Now when a woman goes to the Mikvah after her period, there are all these rules and regulations and guidelines that need to be followed - from when she can go, to the preparation process and personal grooming that takes place before the immersion... the prep time can be upwards of 2 hours or more.

For my purposes however, I simply showed up, took off my jewelry, stripped, showered quickly and immersed. After my first dunk, the Balanit (woman who watches to make sure every millimeter of hair goes under) showered me with blessings. I then dunked a second time with a silent prayer to God that all should go well and finally a final immersion with a prayer that the women who followed after me should merit what their hearts desired.

This may sound stupid or silly to some of you, but I now feel more... spiritually prepared for this birth, which for an Orthodox woman, is just as important, IMO as being physically ready... which we all know I've been ready for the past 2 weeks or so....

10 days until EDD... I've been hoping for a Purim baby though. Maybe now it will come.


Rafi G. said...

bshaa tova. my wife did it during some of her pregnancies. hope ti helps.

Leora said...

Never did that, but I can understand how it would give you a feeling of being spiritually ready.

I did go swimming a LOT right before my daughter was born, and just being in the water when 9 months pregnant felt fabulous.

B'shaa tova and have a happy Purim.

Anonymous said...

Beshaa tova.