Monday, March 23, 2009

Sick as a dog and still pregnant... Part 1

The lease is up yet the tenant is showing NO signs of vacating... today I am officially 40 weeks and 4 days.

I have a raging sinus infection that left me in tears for most of Saturday night.

But before that, there was Thursday...

My 10:40 appointment with the GP turned into 11:40.. she is notoriously a late runner...

I have a sinus infection. She took my blood pressure and it was pretty high. Tried again and while it was lower, it was still high so third time... it's still high.

So she prints up a form and orders me to L&D at the hospital for monitoring.

Now I gotta say, for all that she tends to arrive past her first appointment and then actually spends TIME with her patients so she ends up always running late, she was the FIRST person at the clinic to actually be concerned about the high blood pressure. The nurse who checked and saw the high BP the day before didn't seem concerned. Neither was the OB.

So I now have orders to head to the hospital. I called SR. Her phone was off. Called TC and HER phone was off. It took me about 15 minutes to finally reach TC and she headed home. SR was reached a bit later and she also headed home. TC got home within an hour thanks to some great rides...

So then it was my turn to head out. Luckily I caught one of the jutnies that run between here and Petach Tikvah. It's marginally more expensive but they're faster. I met Zach at the mall across from the hospital, we had something to eat and then headed across the bridge to L&D.

Blood was taken. Urine showed a bit of protein. Was running a slight fever (with the sinus infection, I wasn't surprised) and then they took my BP 3 times before they got a 'good' reading. They asked me a bunch of questions... no headaches but I've been seeing floating spots in my vision the past couple days.

Then 40 minutes hooked up to the fetal monitors. That was fine.

Then wait for the blood tests to come back so I can be seen by the doctor and then we decide what next. Doctor did an ultrasound (everything was fine), he checked me (1 cm dilated, 30% effaced YAY!!!!), blood tests all came back fine. Except according to the monitors, I wasn't actually in labor.

Before they discharged me though, they wanted me to go to neurology and then opthomology because of the spots. And I had to go by wheelchair. So off to the ER, saw a neurologist and that was fine, then on to opthomology and I had a complete eye exam (which meant for the rest of the night my eyes were dilated and out of focus) and that was fine.. I think the official diagnosis for the spots is a combination of sinus pressure, high BP, possible dehydration and being at the end of a pregnancy.

So back to L&D we go. Before I can be discharged, the doctor needs to review the printout from the monitors.

Whereupon we discover that at some point, the printout had gotten lost. Which meant I had to go back on the monitor for 20-30 minutes...

Now since the eye doctor, I started having some contractions when I sat or stood, but when I had to lay down for the monitoring, they stopped completely. So they let me go.

But I have to go back on Sunday. For BP, urine and monitoring. Which is what my stupid OB should have ordered.

And then since we got home... I've been having contractions basically every 10 minutes or so. They last for no more than 30 seconds but the pressure is pretty intense at times and it hurts to pick up NS now (whether I'm in the middle of a contraction or not).

So here's hoping that new baby will finally make an appearance some time REALLY SOON!

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