Thursday, November 04, 2010

A pressing engagement

One of the things I really love about living in Israel is when there's a simcha, folks tend to pull together and contribute baked goods, salads, quiches and other foods. It makes the whole thing so much more heimish.

The date for the engagement party has been set, the place rented and now it's time to get food organized.

Hey, this is me. Of course it's gonna be about food.

I briefly spoke to AS (my ex-husband), and I'll speak to ABE (Chattan's mom). AS and I think we should make it with real food, as opposed to just desserts and nosh.

I already planned on making buckeyes, I also planned on making truffle fudge brownies and chocolate popcorn.

I'll add fettucini alfredo and a pasta marinara.

AS said he may ask friends to make quiches.

Someone will make either salads or veggie platters.

Any other suggestions and/or recommendations?

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Donyel said...

That all sounds so delicious, and I'm sure it turned out wonderfully. You can never go wrong with truffle fudge brownies :)