Thursday, May 20, 2010

Been MIA

I've been in the hospital (Tel haShomer) since May 11th. Suspected sinusitis that wasn't responding to regular antibiotics. Went in for 4 days of IV antibiotics... that started around midnight on Tuesday.

IV antibiotics did nothing. CT on Sunday was inconclusive to I was scheduled for surgery (FESS) on Monday. Got bumped off the schedule. Because of Shavuot though I was told I'd have the surgery Thursday.

On Wednesday I was told I wasn't having surgery on Thursday, they were thinking of trying a new protocol (aside from IV antibiotics, a CT and 1 day of IV steroids I have had NO other tests or treatments done) so if I have surgery it won't be until Sunday... probably.

This morning the doctors came in and talked over my head (basically part of the problem is the CT says I have issues on the right side but the doctor can see and I can feel the issues are on the left side) and I was told I could go home for Shabbat but I need to be back Saturday night for the surgery on Sunday.

I'm still in pain.

So that's how I spent Shavuot and Nati's Upsherin is postponed.

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Refua Shleima