Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today's Photo

The aftermath of NS's new game - "dropping Cheerios one by one to the floor before Mommy stops giving me more".

On the plus side, he'd pick them up one by one in his right hand, transfer it to his left hand and then drop it over the side of the highchair.

When I actually started paying attention to him (which is probably what he wanted the whole time, bad Mommy!), I'd put my hand out under his and say "Can you give to Imma (Mommy)?", take it and say "Todah (thank you)!" I'd pretend to eat it and then give it back to him. A couple times he actually made a sound like he was trying to mimic my "Todah" and then he'd eat it.

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Leora said...

I can hear the familiar "crunch, crunch" noise under foot as you move about the kitchen.