Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Something positive

Threads on Imamother often become fodder in blogs, mostly due to the naive, stupid, ridiculous and downright moronic attitudes expressed in posts. I myself will often post about a particularly annoying one in a different blog. Often I'll read a thread and wonder how these women ever manage to find their way out of bed in the morning.

But every now and again, someone will post a thread or pose a question that inspires... and I'm not just talking about the recipes.

Imamother is set up as a multilevel forum. You've got the threads that anyone can see, one doesn't need to be a member. Then there are the sections where one must be signed in in order to read the threads and finally there are 'usergroups', which require permission to join, even once you are a member. One of those user groups is called Life in Israel. And I have to say, for the most part, the threads posted there are thoughtful and the women who post, although we run the gamut Hashkafically and politically, there is very little snarking that goes on and for the most part we all get along... we even have the most real-life meetups I think of the entire board.

A few days ago, a woman posted in the LiI section, asking for a spreadsheet program because she wanted to start budgeting. I recommended GoogleDocs and now the thread is over 40 posts strong and it has inspired several members to follow suit. We've been discussing the pros and cons of Hora'ot Kevah (automatic bill payments) via credit card vs the bank, the difference between a credit card and a debit card (NOT an automatic thing here in Israel) and the monthly government children stipend (which I see now has a thread all its own).

Another thread started is where to grocery shop for the best bargains, yet another is simply how to save at the Makolet, dairy shopping, meat shopping, buying grains...

I just want to say that for all the knocks Imamother gets (and again, I'll admit to being guilty of this), I'm glad to see at least some of us are trying to see beyond what theme we should do for Mishloach Manot or complaining about our cleaning lady and trying to be responsible in what we all know will be a difficult economic time.

I realize that these threads, because they're member and then further membership only, aren't going to be seen by the general public. I just figured it should be mentioned regardless.

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