Friday, December 14, 2007

Heading Home

Originally written November 21, 2000

I've decided to take the bus home from now on. It's just safer.

Yes, we make a bigger target, but the windows are double-layer thick plexiglass and the sides are steel plated.

I was so tired yesterday, I pretty much fell asleep as soon as I got on the bus. I don't remember leaving Jerusalem.

BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM...that woke me up...

We had gotten stuck behind a slow moving flatbed truck, hauling rebars uphill. Sitting ducks. We couldn't get around the truck since we weren't going much faster.

It started raining stones.

No one was injured. The bus has a few more dents in the side than it did at the start of our journey.

I said the Traveler's Prayer and we thanked God it was 'just' stones.

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