Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Originally posted January 25, 2001

I've written before about the belief religious Jews have about 'the hand of God', and how many believe that bad things happen by His grace.
I believe it too.
When Moses went to Pharoh on behalf of the Hebrews, God hardened Pharoh's heart against Moses' pleas and didn't allow the Hebrews out of slavery. It was only after the 10 Plagues were visited upon Egypt that Pharoh told them to go (and even after, changed his mind and went after them).
The hand of God was never more apparent then at Camp David over the summer, when Barak was ready to hand over 92% of the West Bank. Arafat refused because east Jerusalem wasn't included. Talks broke down and about a month and half later, the Al-Asqa Intifada was started.
A friend of mine said that whenever things between Israelis (secular vs religious, religious vs ultra-religious, etc.) gets bad, God sends an Intifada, so we have to band together and fight against the Arabs.
Two months in to this Intifada, we finally have leftists saying that upon reflection, they were wrong. On CNN, we have someone from Peace Now (a stout supporter of the Palestinians) say that the Arabs were the sole cause of the latest spate of violence.
Another two months have gone by and now it seems the Arabs are targeting Israelis who would call them friends.
This friendship, this complacency, is what are now getting Israelis killed.
In a radio report on the latest double murders, a friend of the victims was quoted saying that the "Arabs are our friends".
She's still saying this after these Arab friends murder her Israeli friends.
How many more leftists are going to be lured to their death by their so-called friends before they realize that THE ARABS ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS.
Perhaps one can say that this is the hand of God at work after all. With more lefties being killed, OTHER leftists may start rethinking their utopian ideals.
Ideals. Yes, now someone I'm sure is bound to leave me a love letter saying that I live in YESHA because of MY ideals, what's wrong with the leftists trying for kumbayah-oneness with the Arabs.
The difference is I recognize Arabs for the enemy that they are and take precautions to stay alive.
The lefties, with their blinders on, are well, blind tothe fact that the hand being extended to them by the Arab is holding a loaded gun.

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