Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crazy 2 weeks

The cliff notes:

Went to the hospital Tuesday, May 11th for 4 days of IV antibiotics for a month-long 'sinus infection' that wasn't responding to oral antibiotics.

Sunday, May 16th I had a CT scan. I was told the CT showed something and I was scheduled for surgery on Monday the 17th.

Which I got bumped from... and because Tuesday night - Wednesday night was the holiday of Shavuot, it means light rotation and they weren't going to reschedule the surgery until Thursday.

Tuesday one of the doctors recommends IV steroids to see if that will clear things up. It didn't help.

On Wednesday I'm told they will most likely do surgery on Sunday.

Thursday morning I let the doctors have it. I was tired of getting different answers to my questions depending on what doctor answered... it seemed like 5 doctors had 10 opinions and each one was reading the CT differently - I had a sinus infection, I didn't, I did but not so bad, I had a tumor and they want to biopsy and the best - the CT shows issues on the right side but my symptoms were mostly on the left side.

But in the mean time, they weren't sending me for more tests, they weren't changing my protocol... just jerking me around.

So they gave me a furlough to go home Thursday and I had to come back Saturday night for surgery Sunday morning.

Near as I can tell, they first had to cut away a deviated septum in order to even see the sinuses... so the surgery took almost 2 hours... all of which I was awake for. My sinuses seem fine. I go back in 10 days to discuss the results of the biopsy.

So I'm almost at square one with what my headaches are.

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