Thursday, January 21, 2010

Um... I don't think so

I got an email in my FaceBook inbox from someone from a group called 'America Kan' (America Here)

I skimmed their website, who they are, what their platform is and frankly I'm left wondering why.

First of all the name annoys me. America is such a "goldena medina" (golden state/country) that everyone should strive to be like her? Puh-leze.

And second of all, IMO everything they seem to stand for is a giant bang your head against a brick wall. In order for pretty much ANY of their proposed reform to take place, you'd basically have to call a time out and then a do-over... of the past 70 or so years. Then take a match to the banking/financial system, the government, the judicial system... the whole shebang... and believe you-me lately I've had many a day when I wished I could do just that.

Look, there are things, many many things I'd love to change about how Israel is run and operates. And yes, there are some things that I wish were done 'more American'.

But there's also plenty I'm quite happy with and I LEFT America for many reasons. It was never about ideology.

ETA: 2 out of the 5 party members listed on their site... including the guy that plans to run for Knesset live in the US!

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Anonymous said...

I got the exact same invite and think the same thing. If I wanted America so badly, I would not have left