Monday, January 25, 2010

The internet for good

As proof that the internet is not the Devil's tool that many of the religious 'leaders' would have us believe, I'd like to offer this rather inspiring story that unfolded on Imamother in the matter of... basically an hour.

A woman wrote (at 1:47 a.m.... WHY was she awake?) The bag says Daniel Ephraim Gromis (gimmel reish vav mem yud samech). Do you know this person?
The tefillin are very damaged after being in the rain.
Found in yerushalayim in the rain by an arab cab driver last week who gave them to a friend.

She bumped it up at 11:31 a.m. (much more reasonable time) and several of us gave her suggestions to where she could advertise having the lost item (posting to Janglo, I suggested FaceBook) and at 11:44, a woman posted that it's highly likely that this person is her husband's student.

By 12:29 things were confirmed and the lost Tefillin will be returned to their owner tomorrow.

(BTW, my husband and I met through the internet... I posted to Janglo about starting the Society for Creative Anachronism ( in Israel, he had made Aliyah about a month previously and had been involved in the SCA in the US and the rest, as they say... is medieval history).

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