Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Clips from the Cantor's concert

I ended up going and had a better time than I thought.

Here is Barchi Nafshi:

And here is Chad Gadyah, performed by Cantors Alberto Mizrahi and Jackie Mendelson:

They had about 70 cantors from the US and Canada come and while most of the songs were in Hebrew, there were a couple that were a mix of Hebrew and English and one song each in Russian, Yiddish (although this was a medley of songs), Ladino and Spanish.

In addition, the Cantor's Assembly gave composer/conductor Charles Fox an award and he conducted the philharmonic in a new composition of his music from the movie Victory at Entebee.


muse said...

Was this in Ariel? I almost went with my neighbors, but I didn't realize how early they'd be leaving and that it meant sitting on the ground.

Pesky Settler said...

Yes, this was from the Ariel concert. I had invited a few friends from Maale Levona since I knew he really likes Chazzanoot. And I told them to bring chairs.