Monday, July 20, 2009

5 + 1 shouldn't = pay for 6

On today's shopping list was laundry detergent. I don't have any particular brand I use, I generally buy whatever is on sale and has the most benign scent.

On the shelves today at Mega were two 6 kilo bags of detergent from Colon. One was labeled 6 kilo and priced at 58.99NIS.

The other bag was labeled 5 kilo +1 free and was priced... yeah, 58.99NIS.

No one was at the manager's desk so I asked one of the cashiers why they're the same price if one is advertised as being a kilo 'less'. She mumbled something about it being the company that charges that price and I should take it up with them.

So is the principle of the matter and a refund of about 10NIS worth the hassle I know will come by dialing the toll free number printed on the bag of laundry detergent (right above the line 'Kosher for Pesach and all year')?

And... if anyone (in Israel) happens to be at a different supermarket like Rami Levy or Shufersol, etc. and you happen to notices the Colon laundry detergent, let me know if they're selling the 5+1 free kilo at the 6 kilo price...

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