Thursday, December 18, 2008

The One More Mitzvah Project

A fellow blogger who tragically lost her almost 5 month old daughter is putting out a request.

We are sitting Shivah for our daughter, Adelle Shayna, who passed away Motzei Shabbos. My Shiny baby was a Tzaddikess whose little life was totally connected to HaShem. We learn that the Shechina is present at birth and death and in the 145 days in between those events, Shiny's every action was motivated by the Will of G-d. We're so very blessed to have been a part of that. I've gotten a lot of emails and comments on my own LJ from people promising to take on another Mitzvah in her Zchus. I'm posting here because I want more. Call me greedy if you want but I'm asking you all to please do one more Mitzvah in the merit of Adelle Shayna Bas Yael Davida and Mordechai Eliah.
It has been such a great comfort and given me such strength to see this happening. If you could please comment and tell me if and what you're doing in her merit, I would be greatly appreciative. Amazing things are happening. My father has been putting on Tefillin the last four days and before that he hadn't done it in 40 years. Please help us do more amazing things.

Non-Jews can also participate by looking into/keeping the Seven laws of Noah (the Noahide laws).

In addition, to help spread the word, I've started a Facebook group, so please feel free to join One More Mitzvah l'Shem Adelle Shayna Project

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