Friday, September 12, 2008

An opinion piece

The Jewish blogs are burning the bytes with reports and opinions about Rabbi BenTzion Twerski's resignation from Dov Hikind's task force to investigate the abuse problems in Yeshivot, shuls, camps, etc.

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In my opinion, Hikind went about this the wrong way. See, he didn't use any of the popular key words that seems to get much of the Jewish community up in arms and demanding action.

He didn't use the word 'crisis'. He didn't use the word 'tznius'.

See, if Mr. Hikind had said 'we're setting up a task force to deal with the tznius crisis in our schools, camps and shuls', he would have had Jerusalem and Lakewood and Monsey plastered with Kol Korehs supporting his valiant effort.

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