Tuesday, July 25, 2006


First posted: August 21, 2000

I wonder what my kids will think when I get a gun.

Their father already has one and he's always had BB handguns and rifles.

I live in a country were a handgun is common for a male civilian or 'regular' law enforcement officer, and automatic weapons are a usual accessory for the soldiers and Border Guards.

I've noticed though, that civilian women don't carry guns. Or maybe they only carry them in their backpacks/pocketbooks.

I may go the shoulder-holster route. I don't always wear something with a waistband (dress or jumber) and some of my skirts are elastic waistbands.

You can't imagine how gratefull I am that the kids I have thus far are girls. It must be horrible for a parent to look at their son and know that when he turns 18, he has to join the army. Girls have an easier time of getting out of manditory service. Of course, I'm sure my ex's parents would just love for them to get married the day after high school graduation...

I don't kow what road my girls will take and it's something that we'll have to discuss when the time comes...

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