Monday, January 31, 2011

Money where their beliefs are

I don't eat foie gras or goose. I don't eat these things because I don't like the taste. As a matter of fact, I don't eat liver of any kind and if I can avoid eating the dark meat parts of chicken, I do so (goose and duck are all dark meat for those who don't know).

I don't avoid these delicacies out of politics, which is why I won't join PETA or Cry Fowl* or Birds of a Feather*. I'm not boycotting the goose. I don't like the goose.

So what does that have to do with anything?

Every couple of months or so, another report appears in the Israeli news about some musician canceling or possibly canceling their concerts here in Israel because of the 'apartheid'.

One of the latest ones (it's so hard to keep up) was Macy Gray taking it to her Facebook fans. In the end, she decided to come. But there have been others who gave in to pressure. Or buy into the whole boycott, divest, sanction movement (BDSM... unfortunate initials?).

The musicians who join these boycotts seem to actually stand to lose some money. After all, they miss out on concert opportunities.

But then there are the actors... The most recent uproar was when the Ariel Cultural Center opened and first you had Israeli actors refusing to perform at the center and then a bunch of Hollywood types voiced their solidarity.

I mean really. Why bother? As far as I know, none of these actors or playwrights were being asked to perform here (and I can easily find out if the center was planning on extending an invitation to Mandy or Jennifer since I live around the corner from the center). So what did it cost them? They're not losing any money.

Make it newsworthy guys. Come back when these actors and musicians who refuse to even come to Israel stipulate in their contracts that even their CDs, DVDs and other merchandising shouldn't be sold or rented in Israel or played in the movie theaters. Then I can see the point of signing in solidarity.

Until then? Pass the foie gras.

* Not real save the goose movements.

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