Friday, August 20, 2010

Not quite there

My second child's birthday is 29 Av or August 27th, depending on which calendar you go by.

This year she turned... err... turns... 18.

Which means she can finally open her own bank account.

Well, not according to the Post Office.

Today's dates are 10 Elul or August 20th. So according to the Hebrew calendar, she's been 18 for more than a few days but according to the secular calendar, she's a week short.

But we live in Israel. Where the Hebrew (and Arabic) dates are legally recognized.

Except, apparently if you want to open a bank account with Bank haDo'ar (the bank run by the Israeli Post Office). According to the teller we tried to deal with, in order to have an account with them, you need to be 18 according to the secular calendar.

They'll accept checks and other legal documents dated with the Hebrew (or Arabic) date. But not allow you to open an account.

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