Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogger's Evening

Life kind of hit me upside the head this past week and I just haven't felt much like blogging anything. The baby will most likely be cutting his first teeth in a few days and anyone who has gone through this with a baby knows it means an interesting set of Seven Dwarves move in. In addition to Grumpy (of which we see A LOT), there's Kvetchy, Clingy, Snotty, Hungry, Pukey and Poopy.

I did finally get started on redoing my blog's banner. It's a bit of a work in progress but it's nicer than what I had before.

I also will most likely be hosting my first 'carnival', I'll be playing hostess for the November KCC.

The blogger evening was very nice, my first opportunity to get away for a significant length of time from the baby. If AMiI will forgive me, I'm just going to post a link of her own review of the evening here complete with links to all the blogs of those who participated.


mother in israel said...

I forgive you. Nice to finally meet you!

Mimi said...

Awww...that little one sure sounds miserable.

Just what you wanted to hear, right? Like, where's the sympathy for Mommy?! Yes, but I do, I do sympathize with you. I've had my share of nights with Seven Dwarves Syndrome, and remember them well. But at a decade's distance from all that, I feel a little of Baby's pain too.

Hope you both feel better soon. Next time we meet, bring a photo!

Batya said...

I'm so excited that the artist who created the new KCC banner/logo is the November host!!!