Monday, June 22, 2009

Housing woes

When we moved to Ariel in August, the owner of the duplex said he and his family were moving to Petach Tikvah for 2 or 3 years, possibly even 4 years since their kids were all going to school in the city. Our lease however was only for 1 year.

Last week the landlord called and said they were moving back August 17th.

Had I known it was only for 1 year, I wouldn't have unpacked a lot of what we unpacked.

Had I known it was only for 1 year, I wouldn't have planned to be in the US for August and I certainly wouldn't have partially paid for the tickets!

My girls were planning a Kaytana in the house for July. That's been canceled too.

So now I'm back to scrambling around to find a place to move to. We saw a gorgeous apartment Thursday, called the owner (who lives in Holon) on Friday and told him we wanted to sign. He said he'd come out Saturday night. At 9:30 p.m., when we still didn't hear from him, I called him. He said he'll be in touch Sunday morning. *I* called him Sunday afternoon. He had signed with someone else that morning. And didn't have the decency to call me.

Do verbal agreements mean nothing to people these days?

We're seeing 2 places today, maybe even a third.


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