Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another view at The View

To her credit, Whoopie Goldberg simply sits through the anti-Lubavitch crap looking rather pissed off. And Joy Behar makes a vague attempt to come to the Lubavitcher defense.

To her DIScredit, Baba Wawa lets the guest go on... I mean really Barb.. you've been conducting hard-hitting interviews since before I was born. You could have taken control of the situation much earlier.

And I gotta ask... what is WITH self-hating Jews and their need to write ridiculous screenplays and directors who are willing to produce these things without any research whatsoever... I wonder if the BBC gets scripts across their desk about how the Anglican Church is burning heretics at the stake in modern-day London... "Smashing idea! Wonder if we can get Hugh Laurie back on this side of the pond if we offer him the role of Bishop... it'll be a step up from playing that annoying Yank he's become popular with..."

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Leora said...

Thanks for your accompanying notes. In Debbie Schlussel's post, I was disturbed by her comparison of this with the Mumbai massacres. I mean, these women might be dull, annoying, harmful in that they mis-teach, but this is nowhere near as awful as those massacres.

TV is dumb, and too many people get their "education" through TV. Unfortunate.

I did appreciate Joy Behar's one comment about just like everyone else has some attractive, some ugly.

Just like TV to emphasize outer appearance as an important value. These women wouldn't know about good middot if they fell over them in the bright afternoon sun. Too looks obsessed.